State House Spokesman HUSSEIN MOHAMED rules out RAILA-RUTO handshake


Hussein Mohamed, a spokesman for the State House, has ruled out the possibility of President William Ruto and Azimio Leader Raila Odinga shaking hands.

After Raila’s Monday demonstrations, which paralyzed the economy, Ruto refused to enter any unconstitutional political agreement with him, the former Citizen TV anchor told journalists in Kisii yesterday.

Mohamed claims that Ruto won’t permit a handshake between Raila and him akin to the one the former prime minister shared with President Uhuru Kenyatta because doing so would encourage impunity.

He stated that the only way for Raila to interact with Ruto is through the Parliament and nothing less.

“The president is on one side, and the opposition is on the other. There are ways for the opposition to communicate with the president and the executive branch through the legislature and through parliamentary committees, he said.

“Whatever is going on, the president will act in accordance with the constitution, and he anticipates that every Kenyan will act in accordance with the law. Other than that, of course, it’s allowing impunity!”

Numerous parties, including members of the clergy, have urged Odinga and Ruto to meet and resolve their differences.

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