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NURU OKANGA, an ardent supporter of RAILA ODINGA, begs Kenyans to assist him in paying his hospital bill after being beaten by police on Monday


After being hospitalized on Monday following a police beating, an ardent follower of opposition leader Raila Odinga is now pleading with Kenyans for assistance in paying a hospital bill.

The chairman of Bunge La Mwananchi, a disorganized organization that backs Raila Odinga, Nuru Okanga, has been hospitalized since Monday and is now pleading for Kenyans of goodwill to help pay his cost.

Okanga was admitted to the hospital on Monday night following the conclusion of the Raila Odinga-led mass protest, according to medical documents from Kayole.

He was admitted to the city hospital after doctors determined that he had serious malaria.

Okanga claimed in a post on Monday that he was being targeted by police amid demonstrations that resulted in the destruction of millions of shillings’ worth of property.

“Police were targeting me, they were hurling teargas canisters in my way, they wanted to assault me,” Okanga claimed. “Maaskari walikuwa wananilenga, mahali nilikuwa nakimbilia walikuwa wanatupa teargas kwa miguu yangu, walikuwa na lengo ya kunishika.”

As a result of his failure to pay his hospital bill, Okanga is currently being held at Kayole Hospital.



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