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As their marriage broke down in tears, DNG’s wife FIONA JAMES claims that he is a serial cheater

Davidson Ngibuini alias DNG, a popular media personality turned MCA, and his wife Fiona James have divorced.

Fiona clarified on her Instagram stories that they are no longer together.

She accused DNG of being a serial cheat, and she regretted not listening to the public, including her friends and family, when she fell in love with him.

Fiona admitted to being naive and stupid when she married DNG.

After they had settled down, she realized his true colors.

He allegedly made her life a living hell for the past five years of their relationship.

Fiona also claims that DNG has a habit of using and discarding women before moving on to the next one.

She declared her dissatisfaction with him and warned women not to fall into his trap.

Screenshots of her Instagram posts are included below.


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