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PHOTOS of a Kasarani man being investigated in connection with the mysterious death of BRENDA KAWIRA after her family ruled out suicide


The late Brenda Kawira’s family is asking detectives to open further investigations into how she died.

After a fight with her partner, Brenda passed away on February 21, 2023, in Nairobi’s Kasarani estate at about 11:30 p.m.

Her partner asserts that she allegedly stormed out of their rented apartment’s fourth-floor bedroom, climbed to the balcony, and fell to her death.

Her boyfriend, who was the lone eyewitness to the suicide claim, admitted that they had argued on the way to the bedroom.

The family of Kawira expressed a great desire to revisit the sequence of events leading up to her passing.

Some of her family members expressed doubts about the police’s hasty determination that the death was a suicide.

In fact, a detective affiliated with the Kasarani police station urged a regional newspaper to aid the Kawira family in obtaining justice.

“Pls aid this family in obtaining a thorough investigation into this death…

I work here, so I have a legitimate motive for suggesting that,” he remarked.

Since then, Kawira’s boyfriend’s identity has been made public.

A rising local dj by the name of DJ Dela.

It is claimed that because she had a well-paying work, he was financially dependent on her.

A video of DJ Dela and the late Kawira enjoying fun at Oktoberfest the previous year exists (see it below).

DJ Dela and Kawira argued on the balcony rather than in the bedroom, as he claims, claims Twitter user Beth Kasinga.

He might have killed her by pushing her.

Here are some images of the DJ.



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