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Rogue Kasarani cops have nowhere to hide after it was revealed that DJ FATXO sent them money via Mpesa to cover up the death of JEFF MWATHI


The following is a post by blogger Samson Mwangi Muthiora, who exposed how DJ Fatxo bribed rogue Kasarani cops to cover up Jeff Mwathi’s death.

According to reports, the pathologist was also bribed.

Fatxo and his accomplices went to Kasarani Police Station after killing Jeff, where their statements were recorded, but they were coached by unnamed officers. Dj Fatxo withdrew money from his bank account and made several Mpesa payments to cover up the crime.

As a result, the DCI has named police officers who visited the crime scene as persons of interest.

The money trail shows how the funds were moved and shared, so the DCI must investigate all Mpesa statements, bank statements, deleted messages, and other records of the police officers who handled the Kasarani case. Although the IPOA has not yet issued a statement, an investigation is unavoidable.

The reason Jeff’s body was dumped at City Mortuary and the OB stated, “Unidentified Male of between 20 and 25 yrs,” begs questions. A lot had already been done to cover up the crime by the time Jeff’s family found him at City Mortuary. The police and the suspects were both aware that the conditions at City Mortuary were ideal for a cover-up.

Some officers purposefully delayed and frustrated the postmortem. The family needed it done right away, but the government pathologist was conveniently unavailable for a week. This is where the 72-hour window of autopsy reports revealing no sodomy comes into play.

Fatxo paid off the family’s private pathologist in order for him to agree with the government pathologist. It’s unclear what happens to these people after the whole truth is revealed. to accomplish

We must be prepared to exhume Jeff’s body, which will be painful for his family but necessary to uncover the truth.

We shall bury JEFF MWATHI one more time, but this time, his KILLERS and those who aided them to COVER-UP will be behind bars. Jeff will receive the recognition he deserves, thanks to my Emotional Battalion!



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