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PHOTO of a bloody pillow that homicide investigators retrieved from DJ FATXO’s bedroom

When homicide detectives went to DJ Fatxo’s apartment to investigate the murder of 23-year-old interior designer Jeff Mwathi, they discovered a blood-stained pillow.

DCI headquarters detectives used luminol to locate potential blood evidence on the pillow that would be undetectable by visual examination.

Luminol is a water-based solution that can detect blood after being diluted up to 10,000 times.

When it comes into contact with blood, it causes it to fluoresce a pale blue color.

Simon Mwangi Muthiora, the blogger who broke the story of Jeff Mwathi’s death, shared a photo of the blood-stained pillow and confirmed that Mwathi was murdered.

See image.

On Friday, homicide detectives handling the case stated that Jeff was murdered and did not commit suicide as previously reported.

The detectives mentioned the possibility of a fight before Mwathi was dragged outside and thrown from the rooftop or the stairs of the 12-story building apartment.

In ruling out suicide, the investigators believe Mwathi was murdered before being thrown off the apartment to conceal the crime and make it appear to be suicide.


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