The end of the road for a rogue Kikuyu businessman who has made millions by manufacturing counterfeit liquor from the comfort of his own home (PHOTOs)


In Kericho County, a makeshift distillery that distills and packages counterfeit alcoholic beverages was raided and shut down on Tuesday.

The distillery, which is located on a residential property in Keongo village within the Nyagacho area, packages fast-moving, low-cost spirits that are sold in local wine and spirits stores.

During a raid conducted by detectives and KRA officials based in Nakuru, counterfeit alcoholic brands such as Best vodka, Space vodka, Kane Extra, Venice vodka, and Tycoon vodka, as well as other popular brands among the youth, were seized.

The counterfeit goods were worth Sh22.7 million, and the total amount of taxes lost was estimated to be Sh12.2 million.

During the raid, rolls of counterfeit KRA stamps, drums of ethanol, mixing buckets, assorted bottle tops, and counterfeited stickers of various distillers were also discovered.

The property’s owner, Paul Kamau Kimani, immediately went into hiding, and efforts to find him are still ongoing.

Meanwhile, KRA issued a seizure notice and kept all recovered exhibits in its custody.

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