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See out how RUTO intends to put an end to RAILA ODINGA’s mass protest on March 20


According to reports, President William Ruto stays up late thinking of ways to thwart the Azimio One Kenya Alliance’s planned large protest on March 20 of next week.

The Azimio leader Raila Odinga and his devoted followers intend to assemble in Nairobi on that day and storm the State House.

Although many political commentators have referred to Raila Odinga’s action as treason, he has maintained that he is simply doing what the constitution requires and that he has the right to request that the Kenya Kwanza Alliance Government lower living expenses.

Ruto and his close managers have proposed a strategy to thwart Azimio’s mass action with only four days left in the day.

Credible sources claim that the government aims to place prominent Azimio leaders under house arrest on that day to prevent them from taking part in the large-scale protest.

Philip Etale, the ODM’s director of communication, however, claimed that even though the State would administer house arrests, the protests would still go on since Kenyans themselves would be in charge of organizing them.

“House arrests for Azimio leaders won’t work. Kenyans, not the leaders, will lead the protests, Etale said on his verified Facebook page on Thursday.



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