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RAILA ODINGA requested a conversation with RUTO, but he declined. According to ODM Secretary General EDWIN SIFUNA


The Secretary General of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), Edwin Sifuna, has revealed that the Opposition wanted to engage in dialogue with the Kenya Kwanza Government, but President William Ruto refused.

Sifuna, who is also the Nairobi County Senator, stated on Tuesday that the dialogue would center on the three main issues that were pressing the opposition as well as Kenyans.

“We were the ones who requested the conversations.”

“Unfortunately, our brothers on the other side chose to ignore,” he explained.

The legislator explained that there is always room for dialogue because there is no situation in which people are unable to communicate.

Sifuna, on the other hand, insisted that the dialogue depends on what you’re talking about.

“There are certain issues that we felt were critical and that the Kenya Kwanza administration would address, such as the high cost of living and food prices,” he said.

“We’re not doing this for ourselves, but for the wananchi who can’t afford the high prices,” Sifuna explained.

The Senator went on to say that because the government refused to engage in dialogue, Azimio was left with no choice but to express their frustrations through the means provided by the constitution.

“The window for dialogue has indeed closed because we were hoping to have the conversation about the issues within the time frame we provided,” he explained.

Sifuna went on to say that Azimio has held peaceful protests but is still labeled as a violent person.



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