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JEFF THOMAS, a model and social media influencer, was discovered dead in a’suspected suicide’ outside a US apartment complex


At the age of 35, American model and social media influencer Jeff Thomas passed away after allegedly jumping from an apartment balcony in what was likely a suicide.

According to TMZ, Thomas’ body was found by authorities last Wednesday in an apartment building in Miami. According to witnesses, he reportedly leaped from the balcony.

Even though the autopsy was finished, the cause of death has not yet been formally announced by the authorities. Nonetheless, the outlet claims that suicide is suspected.

Thomas had a contract with the London-based agency AMCK and had made appearances in a number of runway events, publications, and advertisements.

The native Floridian was also the founder and director of the contemporary art consultancy One Popsicle.

Thomas published a black-and-white photo of his newest tattoo, which read “resilience,” in one of his last posts before he passed away.

Thomas had also lately posted a touching note about his “#1 Grandmother” coming to visit from California.

“Her great friend chose to accompany my beloved Grandma on the cruise after originally preparing to go with her recent husband whose passed away during the epidemic,” he captioned a cute video of her arriving at the Fort Lauderdale Airport on March 5.

It took some time for him to complete everything after juggling his busy workdays and weeks, the beginning of his EMT lessons, getting a flat tire, moving into his new house, and his transition from Los Angeles to Miami.

Yet, I manage to make it work for the people I love because they deserve it and value my efforts since they do the same for me.

His abrupt death shocked the modeling and entertainment industries, and many people are now in sorrow.

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