Woman who hurt herself with a hammer to fabricate that she was raped by five guys gets an eight and a half year sentence


    A woman who intentionally hurt herself with a hammer in order to make the false claim that she had been groomed by an Asian sex gang has been given an eight and a half year prison sentence.

    Today, March 14, Eleanor Williams, 22, of Barrow, United Kingdom, received a sentence.

    She was previously convicted guilty on eight counts of acting with the intent to obstruct justice after accusing five men of rape, which resulted in the imprisonment of one and the ruin of the lives of the others.

    Williams originally falsely claimed to have been raped at a party in Barrow when she was 16 years old. She then alleged that the same man had raped her twice, once at her apartment and once after a night out at the Manhattan nightclub where she worked.

    She continued by claiming that she had been abused in Ibiza and had been forced to attend sex parties across the north of England after being groomed since she was 12 years old. She said that while on vacation with her sister in Amsterdam, she had been bought and sold as a slave.

    Williams released images of her wounds and a description of being assaulted, groomed, and trafficked on Facebook in May 2020. The post received more than 100,000 shares.

    Tommy Robinson, the founder of the English Defence League, visited the town to “examine” the claims after it provoked protests in her community.

    Williams apologized for “some missteps” and said she was “young and disoriented” in a letter to the judges.

    “I realize I have made some mistakes and I am sorry,” she said in her letter. “But I was young and bewildered. I never intended for the Facebook post to cause problems in the neighborhood. I am heartbroken over the effects it has had on Barrow. I was in a terrible manner when I was released from the hospital that morning. I wasn’t making clear decisions.

    “My family and I publicly said that Tommy Robinson should not live in our community because we disagree with his views and are aware of the harm he has done.”

    Before she was sentenced, a few of the men who had been wrongfully accused spoke out in comments about the effect the accusations had on their lives.

    We had the term “rapist” sprayed on the house and the glass broken, according to Jordan Trengove, who was detained three times based on unfounded claims. My mother felt unsafe and had to leave the house.

    “I shall be haunted by my time spent in remand for the rest of my life. I was forced to share a cell with a man who explained his criminal history after being placed in the sex offenders wing. I was dizzy.

    Mohammed Ramzan stated: “I made an attempt at suicide two weeks following my detention. The scars are still visible today. I endured unwarranted heartache as a result of the persistent harassment.

    “My family and I continue to worry about our safety. I once had to leave my family’s home out of concern for my own safety.

    Oliver Gardner stated: “I felt horrible when I heard that she was accusing me of rape. I had to inform my mother, and even though I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong, I began to doubt myself.

    “My mental health really deteriorated, and I attempted suicide. I was brought to the hospital for urgent care.

    She stated that the bruises she had were caused by the gang after they had brought her to a property in the town and sexually assaulted her; the injuries were discovered by police on May 19, 2020, close to her home on Walney Island.

    Williams was found with blood on a hammer, which the prosecution alleged she used to inflict her own wounds.

    Jonathan Sandiford KC, prosecuting, said the incident was a “finale” to a series of false charges made by Williams.

    Additionally, the court was informed that a Snapchat account Williams claimed belonged to an Asian trafficker named Shaggy Wood was actually owned by a guy by the name of Liam Wood.

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    Williams allegedly sent herself a few texts that appeared to be from traffickers or other victims.

    She is accused of manipulating genuine people in other instances to send texts that she later claimed came from her abusers.

    The jury was told that some of the people she made charges about were real while others, the prosecution alleged, did not exist.


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