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SHOCK as it becomes clear that the driver of DJ FATXO, a key suspect in JEFF MWATHI’s death, crashed another man’s testicles for refusing his approaches


It is now being revealed that DJ Fatxo’s driver, Jeff Maina, who is a prime suspect in Jeff Mwathi’s mysterious death, is a serial offender.

Fatxo’s driver, according to blogger Simon Mwangi Muthiora, who broke the story about Mwathi’s death, has an active case in court where he is accused of crashing another man’s testicles after he rejected his advances.

The fearless blogger demanded that the DCI arrest him and hold him accountable for his criminal activities.

Maina is a person of interest in Jeff’s death because he was one of the last people to see the 23-year-old interior designer before he died.

He is rumored to be gay.

He is said to have done ‘bad things’ to Jeff Mwathi on the fateful day he died, along with Fatxo’s cousin, and then threw him through the window to make it look like suicide.

Look at Muthiora’s post.



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