RAILA ODINGA urged him to stop employing underprivileged youths in his planned mass protest on March 20


Didmus Barasa, a Kimilili Member of Parliament, has advised Raila Odinga, leader of the Azimio One Kenya party, to quit exploiting Kenyan youngsters by encouraging them to participate in his planned mass protest on March 20th.

Raila has asked Kenyans to travel to Nairobi on Monday next week for a mass demonstration to force President William Ruto’s government to reduce the cost of living.

On social media on Wednesday, Barasa, a close supporter of President Ruto, begged Raila Odinga to calm down and quit using Kenyans to fight for his stomach.

The politician also asked Raila Odinga to understand that Kenya is more than an individual and that Ruto won the August 9 election.

The presidential election will be held in a free and fair way.

“Stop fighting for your own selfish goals by manipulating innocent Kenyans.”

“Kenya is greater than people, and you should accept the truth and move forward,” added Barasa.

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