Drama in Machakos Court as Witness Called to Testify in Case Bleats Like A Goat (VIDEO)


At Machakos Law Courts, there was uproar when a woman accused of murder began bleating like a goat.

During the court hearing, the murder suspect began making strange noises, according to an eyewitness.

Due to the bizarre incident, the court session had to be adjourned.

“All of a sudden, she began making a sound similar to that of a goat.”

“The magistrate needed a short break and directed that she be escorted to the gate.”

“I followed the crowd to the gate,” the eyewitness said.

“I left when the husband (wearing a red cap) arrived.”

“I was in a different courtroom when the saga began, but it happened.”

“We had to take a break and go to witness,” the eyewitness explained further.

The woman is a prime suspect in the death of a young child.

Witchcraft has been linked to the incident.

View the video.


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