After one of her 38J implants burst, leaving her with a uniboob, the surgery-addicted model reveals her breast reduction (PHOTOs)


Mary Magdalene, a surgery addict, has revealed her breast reduction after one of her 38J implants burst, leaving her with a uniboob.

Earlier this week, the 30-year-old Mexican-born model flaunted her smaller chest after having her size-38J breast implants removed after one of them burst, leaving her with a ‘uniboob’.

Magdalene plans to have her botched lip and cheek fillers removed next as part of her return to natural beauty.

Mary gushed to her 212,000 Instagram followers about her new look, saying, ‘I love it!’

‘I had huge implants for so long, so it was a scary change, but I am so happy with it,’ she added. Shopping is more enjoyable now that I can wear cute tops.’

Despite having removed her breast implants, Mary retains her buttocks implants, which she has augmented numerous times with everything from multiple BBL procedures to illegal silicone injections. The model is also expected to reduce the size of her derriere.

Last month, the 30-year-old revealed to fans that her dangerous addiction to plastic surgery had nearly killed her and financially destroyed her.

Mary, who was in the hospital recovering from her breast reduction, said she was’super happy’ with the results of her downgrade so far and felt much better without the weight of 38J breast implants.

‘My back feels great,’ she said. ‘My clothes fit incredible, and people aren’t just staring at my tits when I’m talking to them.’

‘My goal is just to tone things down to the point where when I speak, people will see me, not my surgeries,’ she added.

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