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A Kenyan tycoon based in the United States meets RUTO at Nairobi’s State House


President William Ruto and US-based Kenyan tycoon Julius Mwale met at the White House on Friday to discuss opportunities for cooperation in the fields of infrastructure, agriculture, and healthcare.

International investors interested in making investments in Kenya were with Mwale.

“We express our gratitude to President Dr. William Ruto for hosting our delegation at the Nairobi Statehouse.

According to a statement from MMTC, the delegation of foreign investors was led by Julius Mwale. They met strategically to consult on ways to foster partnerships in the infrastructure, agriculture, and healthcare sectors, which are the cornerstones of Kenya’s economy.

President Ruto and Mwale have met three times since he was sworn in.

He first met the President in September 2022 while the UN General Assembly was in session, and they later met in December in Washington, DC, during the US-Africa summit.

In an effort to broaden his business empire across the continent, Mwale also networked with 18 other African Heads of State at the summit.

The entrepreneur has expressed interest in bringing Mumias Sugar Company back to life, and a company connected to him placed the highest bid during the miller’s lease auction in 2021.

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