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The court is stunned as BABY SAGINI directly accuses his grandmother of gouging his eyes out

Baby Sagini, whose real name is Junior Sagini, a three-year-old, startled the Kisii Court yesterday when he identified the culprit who gouged out his eyes.

Baby Sagini accused his grandma, Rael Nyakerario, of gouging out his eyes while testifying via video link.

He described how Nyakerario struck him in the head before carrying out the horrific deed.

While testifying before Senior Resident Magistrate Christine Ogweno at Kisii Law Courts, the kid revealed the information.

Given that a youngster is involved in the case, a court representative spoke to the minor patiently to get information.

The state, acting through the Child Welfare Society of Kenya, assumed custody of him in order to protect him from further damage.

Early in December, Baby Sagini went missing. He was eventually discovered in Marani, Kisii County, on his uncle’s maize crop.

“Unfortunately, since all of the boy’s eyes were gouged, there really is nothing under the sun that can make this youngster sight again, no technology or knowledge that can make this child see again,” said Dr. Dan Kiage, who worked on his case.

The heinous incident shook the country and sparked outrage from all over. National leaders intervened, calling for the prosecution of the offenders.

The three suspects in the case, Pacifica Nyakerario, Alex Ochogo, and Rael Nyakerario, entered a plea of not guilty when the issue was initially brought up in December.


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