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Man electrocuted to death in Nyandarua County while attempting to vandalize a transformer (PHOTOs)


A man who tried to vandalize a transformer paid the ultimate price when he was electrocuted and died on the spot.

The man, whose identity could not be determined immediately, attempted to tamper with the working mechanism of a high voltage transformer in Njabini, Nyandarua county, but his plans backfired when he was struck by an electric current from the transformer’s live cables and catapulted over 20 meters away from the transformer, where his lifeless body was recovered.

School-going Yesterday morning, children walking through the Kwa White area discovered his motionless body sprawled along the road, his left foot gumboot missing. It was later found on the other side of the road.

Some of the schoolboys whose homes are close to the transformer reported seeing lightening, followed by hurried foot thuds, and then an eerie silence. “Dironire kindu ta ruheni kiamenuka hwaaaaaa nginya dirahiuka nda dorete toro,” one of the boys attempted to explain in the local dialect to his peers.

The prints of the deceased’s gumboots were all over the electricity poles, indicating that the man in an orange apron had scaled them while going for the transformer.

The villagers were shocked by the actions of the man’s accomplices, whose foot thuds could be heard miles away as they fled the scene, demonstrating that there is no honor among thieves.

“They should have carried their own body,” remarked an elderly woman on her way to Koinange market, where she sells traditional uji of mukio and mianga.

The deceased’s body was transferred to the Engineer hospital mortuary pending identification by next of kin.



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