Home News Laikipia County works to get a piece of the Kenya-UK defense agreement

Laikipia County works to get a piece of the Kenya-UK defense agreement


The Laikipia County Assembly has passed a motion seeking to be involved in decisions regarding the Kenya-UK military training agreement, claiming that the pact has had a negative impact on its citizens over the years.

The motion, sponsored by Segera Ward Representative Salim Edung, was unanimously passed by MCAs who want the national government to consult with the county government before renewing the Defence Co-operation Agreement (DCA) with the United Kingdom.

During the session, Mr. Edung stated that the residents have unresolved issues with the UK army that should be investigated.

“We are deeply concerned about the prolonged murder investigation of Agnes Wanjiru, who is suspected of being killed by a British solider in 2012, as well as the death of a Lolldaiga conservancy worker crushed to death by a vehicle while putting out a fire started by the foreign military troop at the conservancy in 2021,” he said.

The Segera ward representative also requested that investigations be conducted to assess the extent of damage caused by white phosphorus, which is used by the military during exercises, as well as the British army’s use of prohibited drugs.

He bemoaned the human-animal conflicts caused by military training in conservation areas, which has pushed wildlife into people’s farms.

“We are urging the county government to consult with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, and the National Administration before renewing the pact,” Mr. Edung said.



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