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President RUTO is already campaigning for the 2027 election – Makueni Senator DAN MAANZO


According to Makueni County Senator Dan Maanzo, President William Ruto began campaigning for his second term immediately after being named president-elect.

In an interview with Citizen TV on Thursday, Maanzo, who is also the deputy chairman of the Wiper Democratic Movement, said Ruto is already campaigning for 2027 and urged Kenyans to tell him to first fulfill the promises he made in his manifesto.

“Ruto is already campaigning for a second term, but Kenyans want to see results first… “We need to know what the current government is doing to improve people’s livelihoods,” Maanzo said.

He did, however, state that campaigning is a constitutional right of the president.

The legislator observed that the current administration has been successful in talking but not acting.

He compared it to former US President Donald Trump’s tenure as world leader.

“They promised in the first 100 days there was going to be a change, up to six months no change. Apart from a lot of noise, as we’ve seen in the Trump administration. We need to see results so that Kenyans can be happy and hopeful.”

Maanzo stated that former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s pace was visionary and kept things moving, and that Kenya Kwanza requires a similar strategy.

“We need that dream going on so that we can see tangible things happening. President Uhuru Kenyatta (retired) built the Expressway, and people can now get to the airport more quickly.”



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