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LEDAMA OLE KINA has now identified the influential figure in RUTO’s administration who wants him detained and imprisoned


Senator Ledama Olekina of Narok has made the sensational claim that Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is pushing for his arrest.

Taking to Twitter, Ledama urged Gachagua to focus on working for Kenyans rather than pursuing his arrest.

He dared the Second in Command to sue him in court if he had credible evidence.

“Still pushing for my arrest Mr. Rigathi instead of focusing on your work? “If you have a case against me, please take it to court,” he said.

This comes just hours after the ODM senator claimed that he and Embakasi East MP Babu Owino were going to be arrested.

“Where has my friend HE Babu Owino gone? I understand they are looking for you and me; they are busy writing statements in order to find a count to arrest you and me! “Let me hold your brief and inform them that I am prepared,” Ledama said.

Babu revealed on his hand that he is aware of the plans and accused the Kenya Kwanza government of being vengeful.

“I am aware of plans to arrest me and Senator Ledama Olekina at any time. This phony government promised never to use, misuse, or abuse the police powers, but they must be vengeful once more. “Self-destruction is imminent if your ego is larger than your balls,” he said.



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