How DJ FATXO attempted to conceal JEFF’s death


The post below by Facebook blogger Simon Mwangi Muthiora describes how Dj Fatxo attempted to conceal Jeff Mwathi’s unexplained demise.

Jeff is said to have been killed at Dj Fatxo’s residence and then thrown from the 10th floor.

Jeff did not specify that this was his first encounter with Dj Fatxo. In reality, his mother was aware that they had previously met and even exchanged pictures. Furthermore, Jeff’s girlfriend can confirm that he has been to Dj Fatxo’s home before.

Jeff was a kind and honest young man, but because he is unable to defend himself, others have unfairly judged him. Listen to the tape once more and apply common sense before suggesting that Jeff made up the story to his mother about knowing Dj Fatxo.

After the incident, the suspect actually said at first that he didn’t know Jeff. They introduced the suicide theory when things became complicated. They assert that Jeff attempted suicide in 2019 and was saved in Ngara by his girlfriend.

Jeff was nonetheless a senior in high school in 2019 and was awaiting his KCSE exam date. Not even had he left Nyandarua.

Stop telling lies about when and where they met if you can’t assist us get justice. Only the murderers will benefit from these distraction techniques. Jeff sold shoes since he was well known to so many celebrities. Because I was his client and his future was cruelly cut short, I am resentful of him.

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