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For his own safety, an American lawyer who murdered his wife and son has been placed in a secure area of a prison


Alex Murdaugh, the American lawyer serving two life sentences for the murders of his wife and 22-year-old son, is now being held in the most secure area of a South Carolina prison, following reports that other inmates want to kill him because of his celebrity.

Murdaugh is being held in a single cell at the Kirkland Correctional Institution in Columbia, South Carolina, after it was discovered that his infamy could put him in danger.

Murdaugh’s cell is made of concrete and features a steel bed, toilet, and sink. It’s a far cry from the opulent lifestyle that the disgraced powerhouse attorney once led.

He is now constantly monitored and is not even permitted to eat with other inmates. Meals are delivered directly to his cell, where he eats alone.

Murdaugh will only be at Kirkland for 45 days because he needs to be evaluated before being assigned to a specific custody level and a new prison. Unless a specific threat is made against him, he will eat in the cafeteria with his fellow inmates at that point.

According to TMZ, the lawyer is escorted by at least one corrections officer whenever he leaves his cell, and this is when he gets the closest to other inmates, albeit for a very brief period of time.

He can currently buy a TV for his cell phone and make phone calls to family and friends.

He hasn’t been attacked or even threatened, but Kirkland officials aren’t taking any chances that he’ll be hurt while they’re watching.



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