“A flight attendant from British Airlines is raped during a layover in Barbados”


    During a stopover in Barbados, a flight attendant was allegedly raped in her hotel room.

    The stewardess is said to have been drinking with coworkers on the Caribbean island when a man she knew joined them.

    According to Barbados Police, she then invited the individual back to her room, where he raped her.

    Police say they are “actively investigating” the allegations and are looking for the suspect, who is still at large.

    British Airways confirmed the “horrible” incident and told The Mirror that it is cooperating with authorities in their investigation.

    According to Barbados Police, the victim and rapist are known to each other, and they believe he is a British expat living on the island.

    “This is an ongoing investigation following a rape allegation made by a member of the British Airways crew,” said Assistant Commissioner Jefferson Clark.

    “We know the identity of the man and where he lives, but he is not home. We will find him on this small island. He’s a Caucasian, so he’s probably an expat.”

    Police later stated that a suspect was being questioned.

    The stewardess has been asked to stay on the island during the investigation.

    Mr. Clark described the events in greater detail, saying the BA team had been drinking together at a karaoke bar when they were joined by the suspect.

    According to her statement, she asked the man to return to her hotel, but what happened next was not consensual.

    Mr Clark added that they’re treating the allegations “very seriously”, admitting that they’re actively “pursuing an arrest”.

    According to a BA source, the group had spent the night at a karaoke bar before returning to their rooms.

    The victim was consoled by her coworkers at a luxury hotel on the island, where police are also taking statements from four other crew members.

    Bridgtown Police Station was visited by British officials who provided consular assistance.

    BA advises its employees to avoid sharing rooms with strangers during overnight layovers.

    A BA spokesman told The Mirror in a statement, “This is a police matter, and we’re supporting our colleagues at this time.”


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