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If they do not alter course, we will surely end up in battle – China threatens the US


China has issued a warning that if Washington does not alter its direction, “conflict and confrontation” with them are unavoidable.

China’s new Foreign Minister Qin Gang on Tuesday , March 6, who was the most recent China ambassador to the US, struck a far more aggressive tone in his first appearance as foreign minister at China’s annual parliamentary meeting, warning of the “catastrophic consequences” of what he described as a “reckless gamble” by Washington in how it treats a fellow superpower.

On the eve of the National People’s Congress in Beijing, Qin warned that if the United States does not apply the breaks and keeps moving in the wrong direction, there would undoubtedly be tension and confrontation.

Qin criticized the US for escalating bilateral tensions at the carefully staged event, setting the tone for China’s foreign policy for 2023 and beyond, and defended Beijing’s tight relationship with Moscow.

The relationship between the world’s two major economies, the US and China, is at its lowest point in decades. Last month, tensions increased after a suspected Chinese spy balloon was shot down by US fighter planes after flying over North America.

On Tuesday, Qin accused the US of overreacting in its response, which he said produced “a diplomatic situation that should have been averted.”

The episode, Qin said, indicates “the US perspective and perceptions of China are fundamentally twisted. It views China as both its main foe and the greatest geopolitical threat.

“The US asserts that while it does not seek confrontation, it seeks to compete with China. But in truth, the US’s ‘competition’ is a zero-sum game of life and death, all-encompassing containment, and suppression, he said.

Containment and repression won’t make America great, and the US won’t block China’s renaissance, according to Qin.

Under leader Xi Jinping, China has become increasingly autocratic at home and forceful abroad, taking a more aggressive approach to impose its influence and confront the West but Washington has pushed back.

In order to restrict Beijing’s growing influence, particularly in its backyard, the US has strengthened connections with friends and partners under the Biden administration.

Advanced semiconductor exports to China were also prohibited.

Qin attacked Washington for its Indo-Pacific strategy, claiming it was planning to create a “Asia-Pacific version of NATO” and building exclusive blocs to incite conflict.

The real goal of the Indo-Pacific strategy, according to Qin, is to control China. “Neither the Cold War nor a catastrophe akin to the one in the Ukraine should ever happen again in Asia.”

The Sino-Russian relationship, according to Qin, “does not represent a threat to any country in the world, and it will not be interfered with or sowed with dissension by any third party,” he said on Tuesday.

It is more important than ever for China and Russia to steadily expand their relations, he said, as the globe becomes more uncertain.

The Taiwan issue was emphasized by Qin as the “first red line that must not be crossed” and the “bedrock of the political foundation of Sino-US relations.”

The Chinese Communist Party refuses to rule out using force to “reunify” Taiwan with mainland China, despite the fact that it has never had any kind of physical authority over the island.

On Tuesday, Qin asked the US to refrain from meddling in China’s internal affairs and questioned why the US had adopted different stances on the Ukrainian and Taiwan crises.

Why does the US tout its commitment to upholding sovereignty and territorial integrity with regard to the Ukrainian issue but not with regard to China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity with regard to the Taiwan issue? Why does the US demand that China stop giving weapons to Russia while continuing to sell armaments to Taiwan? said Qin.



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