MEGHAN MARKLE and PRINCE HARRY are invited to the coronation of KING CHARLES III


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, former members of the British royal family, have been invited to King Charles III’s coronation despite their tense relationship with the aristocracy.

After the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Charles ascended to the throne in September 2022.

His coronation is scheduled for May 6, a day that Harry and Markle’s admirers believe was purposely chosen to provoke a dispute for the couple because it coincides with Archie’s 4th birthday.

When Markle and Harry retired from their senior royal positions in January 2020, their connection with his family has become tense.

A spokeswoman for the two said to The Sunday Times on Sunday, “I can confirm The Duke has lately received email correspondence from His Majesty’s office regarding the coronation.

We won’t immediately announce whether or not The Duke and Duchess will attend, according to our statement.

Since the newlyweds retired from their senior royal positions in January 2020, there has been tension between Meghan/Harry and the Royal family.

When Harry, 38, revealed numerous family secrets in a tell-all biography, including an alleged physical brawl with Prince William and a claim that Charles, 74, enjoyed harsh remarks about redheaded Harry’s “true father,” tensions reached a breaking point.

The younger son of the late Princess Diana penned the following in an excerpt from his memoir: “Pa adored telling stories, and this was one of his best. He always came to a conclusion with some philosophizing. Who knows whether I’m the Prince of Wales in real life? I’m not even sure if I’m your biological father.

Even though the joke was surprisingly unfunny given the rumor that my real father, Major James Hewitt, was one of Mummy’s previous lovers, he would laugh incessantly, the author said. Major Hewitt’s fiery ginger hair was one factor in the allegation, but sadism was another.

The book’s contents have not yet been addressed by the royals.

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