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Iran vows to execute those responsible for the mass poisoning of 1,000 schoolgirls


Iran’s leader has said that anyone behind the poisoning of over 1,000 schoolgirls should be put to death for committing a ‘unforgivable crime’ – if it is proven the assaults were purposeful.

Hundreds of cases of respiratory poisoning among kids were reported starting in late November, and some of them required hospitalization.

Since starting in Qom, a city south of Tehran, reports of the poisonings have spread across the entire nation, even at schools in the capital.

In recent weeks, authorities have merely confirmed the instances; they haven’t revealed who might be responsible for them or what chemicals, if any, may have been used.

Khamenei reportedly said: “If the poisoning of students is established, those responsible for this crime should be punished to death, and there will be no amnesty for them.”

Yet, it is believed that the alleged attacks are a part of an extremist response to the current wave of Iranian protests spearheaded by women and girls.

Following the death of Mahsa Amini, who passed away in police custody in September under questionable circumstances, protests broke out all throughout the nation and the world.

Further demonstrations over the alleged poisonings took place over the weekend in Iran and other countries.

On Saturday, worried parents demonstrated in Tehran, the capital of Iran, and other towns. According to Reuters, some of them gathered outside the Education Ministry in western Tehran.

Unverified footage appear to show additional protests in Tehran and other places including Isfahan and Rasht.

More than 50 schools in 21 of Iran’s 30 regions have been the target of suspected poisoning assaults, according to the authorities, since November.

Ahmad Vahidi, Iran’s interior minister, claimed over the weekend that investigators had ‘gathered suspicious samples’.

He urged the populace to maintain their composure and charged that nameless adversaries had stoked anxiety in order to weaken the Islamic Republic.

While Iranian media reports put the number of schools affected by suspected poisonings at over 60, Mr. Vahidi claimed that at least 52 schools had been affected.

According to reports, at least one boys’ school has also been impacted.



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