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A terrifying detail was discovered in a couple’s wedding photo months after their toddler died (PHOTOs)

An unsettling yet wonderful detail was disclosed in a photo from the bride’s wedding day by a mother who lost her daughter when she drowned in the family’s garden Jacuzzi.

In September 2022, Tahlia Murphy and her 28-year-old husband Cecil experienced sorrow when their 17-month-old daughter Taidyn “Totty” Murphy passed away at their Gracemere house in Queensland’s Rockhampton district.

Three months after losing her daughter, Tahlia, who is also the mother of Paityn, 12, Laikyn, 6, and Haivyn, 4, wed Cecil in remembrance of her life.

According to her, Totty was the focus of the entire wedding day, but she holds a particular snapshot from the event in high regard.

A shadowy person may be made out in the background of the photo of Tahlia and Cecil sharing a kiss on their wedding day. It is hidden behind a tree.

Our eldest daughter walked down the aisle carrying part of her ashes, and some of her ashes were also placed in my and my husband’s rings. “Our whole day was for her. We had a big beautiful A3 picture of her, she had her own seat assigned and a bouquet done for her.

Until her friend pointed out the tiny figure in one of their wedding photos, Tahlia said she was heartbroken that her daughter couldn’t join them on their big day.

She stated, “It was recovered by one of my friends, who returned it to me with the figure circled and wrote, ‘Your baby girl was at your wedding day after all.

‘Oh my god, she was literally there,’ I thought as I looked at the snapshot that a buddy had taken while I was still in bed.

As I saw our Totty watching from behind a tree in a white frock, my husband and I both got goosebumps and started crying.

While Tahlia admitted she had never believed in the paranormal, the image proved that her daughter was present and watching.

When she was eight years old, she learned that her father had passed away. Since then, she has attempted to pay attention to minute details to see if he had left her any clues.

“I always believed, but never to the extent I do now because there have been signals ever since she departed and this is just another,” the speaker said.

Every day since their daughter passed away, the pair has reportedly seen yellow butterflies, according to Tahlia, who claims the urn holding her ashes is yellow and shaped like a butterfly.

Every day, without fail, we have seen at least one, and occasionally 10, 20, or even 50, according to Tahlia.

As we are out and about, we constantly spot them around our house, in the backyard, and out the front of our automobile.

When Tahlia posted a video of the enigmatic figure to TikTok, many users sent comments confirming that their baby girl was undoubtedly present that day.


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