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PHOTOS of the police sergeant who murdered his lover and committed suicide after she stopped their relationship


Olalere Michael, a 40-year-old mobile police sergeant who murdered his sweetheart, Bamidele Cecilia Oluwatosin, and then shot himself, was married with two daughters.

The incident occurred on March 2, 2023, on the grounds of the Redemption Model Nursery and Primary School.

According to the Daily Trust, the late Tosin, who worked as a maid at the Banquet Hall opposite the Government House, was the mother of Desmond, a student at the school who would turn three on May 12, 2023.

According to reports, some parents refused to allow their children to attend school on Friday due to the incident, which generated panic in the neighbourhood.

According to locals and shop owners who talked to the publication, the murdered mobile police officer followed his sweetheart to the school grounds and waited for her to pick up her child before opening fire at close range.

Several were perplexed as to why “a young and promising guy like this would kill himself for a side chic, without thinking about what his beautiful family will experience.”

“The officer was dressed in a police outfit that was camouflaged. He arrived at the school a few minutes before 8 a.m. in his Toyota Corolla car, ahead of his female friend, who had brought her son later.

“Immediately she walked him, he drew out his AK-47 rifle and shot Oluwatosin on the chest three times at close range and she died on the spot.

“He thereafter shot himself on the throat which blew off some part of his head and the two of them were there in a pool of blood until the cops came to evacuate their remains about one hour later. “It was a very bloody scene,” a resident, Mr Olaleye Arodeyo, said.

Following the shocking occurrence, the police denied that it was a case of police abuse but rather of “love gone bad” between the former lovebirds.

It was also learned that the late officer was assigned to one of the State Governor’s aides but had just quit the role. He met Oluwatosin while working at the Government House.

Neighbors who talked on the matter said they had been dating for a time but that issues began when the late Oluwatosin stated that she was no longer interested in the relationship.

“We understand Oluwatosin had a fiancĂ© abroad for whom she had a son, and who was planning to arrive after leaving for Dublin approximately a year ago.

“Because of that, she sought to cease the affair that precipitated their icy relationship and their fatal end,” claimed Mrs Hannah, one of the residents.

According to unconfirmed accounts, Olalere told some of his coworkers on the day of the event that he was going to kill someone as well as himself.

“But, many of them didn’t believe him because he was performing well as a cop,” a police source told the publication.

It was also learned that the late Olalere tried multiple times to persuade Oluwatosin to reconsider her choice to stop the relationship, but to no effect.

Neighbors stated he had visited the deceased female friend’s family house a few days prior, where he allegedly stole various electronics and other stuff he had purchased for her.

“This was at the height of his annoyance with the situation. But Olalere was madly in love with her, and I believe that’s why he killed her and shot himself,” Mr Bello, another local, said.

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