Home News In spite of sabotage, there are celebrations as China Square eventually reopens

In spite of sabotage, there are celebrations as China Square eventually reopens


Despite interference from the administration of President William Ruto, troubled China Square has resumed operations.

Once Kenyatta University was prompted by Trade CS Moses Kuria to drive them out of Unicity Mall on the grounds that they were stealing Kenyan companies, the mall was shut down.

But, China Square has declared that it would resume operations after the Kenyan government and Chinese traders were able to come to a resolution.

Customers were informed by China Square that it has resumed operations at Unicity along Thika Road in a statement.

In addition, the Kenya China Chamber of Commerce (KCCC) applauded the Kenyan government’s decision to permit the Chinese traders to restart business.

“We appreciate the positive news about China Square’s resumed operations. This comes after multiple meetings between the Kenyan government and the country’s Chinese community to find a peaceful way out of the impasse, according to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

The group praised the government’s assistance in allowing the Chinese community to conduct business in Kenya and noted that this would help the country’s economy expand.

The statement said, “China enterprises would contribute to Kenya’s growth and development initiatives through the creation of employment and contribution to Kenya’s tax income.

In order to provide them with a favorable atmosphere for their firms, the Chinese traders underlined that they expected equal and fair treatment across all of their enterprises.

The traders said, “We look forward to equal and fair treatment of all enterprises overall to create a conducive business environment for all and build friendly ties based on mutual trust and benefit.

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