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In response to his mother’s charges, XTIAN DELA indicates that she is toxic


Xtian Dela, a controversial social media celebrity, has replied to his mother’s assertions that he stopped communicating with his family four years ago.

He mentioned that his mother is toxic and offered some advice on dealing with toxic parents.

“We rely on our parents for love, support, and direction as children. Other parents, on the other hand, can be emotionally harmful, resulting in long-term psychological repercussions on their children. “These parents are frequently referred labeled as “toxic” parents,” he added.

He then listed seven characteristics that children should look for in their parents.

The first indicator is less admiration and frequent criticism of each deed performed by a child.

He ranks manipulation as number two, stating that parents will go to any length to obtain favors from their children.

“They may use guilt or terror to exert control over their child’s behavior. Parents may also use bribery or other forms of punishment to get their children to do what they want. “As a result of this manipulation, the child feels as if they have no control over their own life,” the social media influencer explained.

He also claimed that toxic parents lack boundaries and are fond of revealing a lot of information in order to corner their children into exposing their emotions with them.

“Such parents violate their children’s privacy by, for example, going through their children’s possessions without permission. “This lack of limits gives children the impression that they do not have any privacy,” he explained.

In his fourth argument, he claims that toxic parents neglect their children’s physical and emotional needs.

“This neglect may lead to the youngster feeling unimportant or unvalued,” he stated.

The sixth point is about shifting blame.

“They may also hold their child accountable for their mental well-being. “This might make the youngster feel like they are always at fault or accountable for their parents’ sentiments,” he explained.

The sixth type of toxic parent is one that minimizes or denies their child’s feelings or experiences.

“They may also make their child feel insane or overreacting. “This can cause the child to mistrust their own reality,” he stated.

The seventh and final type is where parents are so active in their children’s lives that there is no separation even when they become adults.

He urged his followers to begin learning about these difficulties at a young age so that they can begin the process of emotional recovery.



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