Form 1 student dies in Nandi after being assaulted by a teacher


The police in Tinderet Sub-county, Nandi County, have opened a probe after learning that a Form One pupil had died following a reported incident of corporal punishment by his instructors.

Chemase Secondary student Kelvin Kiptanui, 16, passed away at Nandi Hills County Hospital not long after being admitted there in a severe condition.

Before he was allegedly beaten by his teachers for copying answers from a Physics textbook during a Friday afternoon exam, he had only been enrolled in the school for two weeks.

According to Tinderet Sub-county Police Chief Ali Jire, the student’s mother reported the incident on Sunday, March 5. Jire said

Because the school has not yet filed a formal complaint with the authorities regarding the death and the incident’s circumstances, it is a highly troubling and complicated matter.

The deceased’s mother, Monica Cherobon, claimed that when her son departed for school that morning, he was healthy and in fine condition.

Cherobon declared

After being taken to a neighboring dispensary, he was eventually sent to Nandi Hills County Hospital in Nandi East.

Herman Shiambi, the county commissioner for Nandi, has now demanded a thorough investigation to determine what actually occurred.

The incident is already under the control of education officers, according to the school’s principal, Martin Masika, who informed the reporters he had nothing to say about it.

He stated:

I’ve brought this up with the Ministry of Education, so I won’t comment; instead, I’ll just follow up with the relevant parties.

The deceased’s body has been transported to the mortuary at Nandi Hills Hospital, where a postmortem examination is pending.


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