The administration of RUTO is enacting new tax laws, which will cause hustlers further suffering


Kenyans will have to stretch their budgets further to buy necessities.

This comes after the administration of President William Ruto started enacting new tax policies that will raise the cost of basic goods.

The action comes in response to the High Court Judge Hedwig Ong’undi’s recent decision permitting the government to raise excise duties on a number of commodities, which will raise the cost of life.

The decision allows the government to charge consumers for the cost of the tags, which will raise the price of things like soda and water.

This occurs at a time when hustlers were looking to Ruto to keep his campaign promise to cut living expenses. Yet, given the current situation, Ruto had no intention of keeping that promise, thus it turns out that it was just empty rhetoric.

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) has released new data showing that inflation for February was 9.2%, indicating that the cost of living is likely to stay high.

According to KNBS Director General Macdonald Obudho, “The rise in inflation was mostly attributable to an increase in the prices of commodities under food and non-alcoholic drinks (13.3%), housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels (7.6%), and transport (12.9%).

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