RAILA pardons JALANG’O for meeting RUTO at the State House without asking him beforehand


Phelix Odiwuor (Jalang’o), a member of parliament for Lang’ata, has rejoined ODM after being expelled from the group on February 9 during the Azimio PG for seeing President William Ruto at State House without Raila Odinga’s consent.

Jalang’o said in an interview that he met with Raila Odinga and had a long conversation with him during which he discussed everything about his meeting with Ruto.

Jalang’o claims that Raila was pleased with his justification and has entirely forgotten about him.

He mentioned that he got along well with his party’s leader, whom he characterized as kind.

Despite requests to expel them for betraying the ODM party that sponsored them to parliament, the MP insisted that he was still a member of ODM.

Indeed, our conversation was successful, and Raila is hospitable. He claimed that visiting the State House to discuss development-related problems was not problematic.

Jalang’o said, “People misinterpreted what we went to do.

With relation to their ongoing meetings with government representatives, Jalang’o explained that they were checking in on a number of initiatives that had been promised.

“I am the secretary general of a rebel group, according to what others are claiming. Nothing like that exists.

We have always had reservations regarding the promises Ruto made; there are eight of us, he said.

On February 7, a group of eight ODM MPs, including Jalang’o, visited the White House and expressed support for President William Ruto’s development program.

Since Raila had said that Azimio did not recognize the government, the group received harsh criticism from their peers.

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