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Another Azimio party abandons RAILA before his planned march to the State House to depose RUTO


A humiliating setback has been dealt to former prime minister Raila Odinga in advance of his march to State House to remove President William Ruto from office.

After Kenya Union Party (KUP), another Azimio affiliate party, dumped him, claiming that protesting was the wrong course of action, this happened.

Former West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo’s party made the announcement that it was leaving Raila Odinga’s Azimio in a news conference.

Lonyangapuo claims that the coalition’s call for statewide demonstrations against President William Ruto’s administration was a factor in the coalition’s decision to withdraw from Azimio.

He claimed that KUP was not prepared to participate in the demonstrations and argued that the demonstrations’ purpose was unclear and inappropriate given Kenya’s current problems.

“The moment we realized the leaders intended to use protests to disturb the peace in the country, our contract with Azimio was cancelled.”

“I’m going to beg Kenyans, we have too many difficulties already, including drought. We don’t want another one to use the drought as an excuse to start protests, Lonyangapuo said.

The former West Pokot Governor encouraged Azimio la Umoja leaders to refrain from calling for protests and instead concentrate on a plan to oppose President William Ruto in the 2027 General Election.

He also urged Kenyans to avoid demands for widespread protests and put their attention instead on initiatives to revive the economy.

“Five years is not a long time. In the clearest terms imaginable, I wish to denounce the calls for protests.

“It’s time we admitted we were defeated. Give President Ruto an opportunity to lead this country, please. I’ve heard that fertilizer is now available for free; let’s use that to boost production,” he said.



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