Uncontestable proof that a Kenyan is the owner of CHINA SQUARE


More information regarding the ownership of the contentious China Square Supermarket, which is situated at Unicity Mall along the Thika Super Highway, has come to light.

In comparison to local stores, the well-known supermarket offers a selection of items that have been imported from China at relatively lower prices.

Moses Kuria, the cabinet secretary for trade and investment, has also expressed interest in the mall and has recently threatened to close it down on the grounds that it is harming nearby companies.

Due of the controversy surrounding it, there are now doubts over China Square’s ownership.

The supermarket is just 1 percent owned by Cheng Lie, who claims to be its owner, according to corporate registry (CR12) data.

A business with a Kenyan corporate registration, Fujian Festar Holding Limited, owns the remaining 99 percent of the store.

The Anti-Counterfeit Authority (ACA) is now investigating into a case involving KES 50 million worth of merchandise from China Square that has been accused of intellectual property infringement and counterfeit goods. This is the latest development in the investigation into China Square.

This paper from the State Law Office demonstrates that Lei Cheng only owns 1% of the company while Kenyans own the remaining 99%.

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