Some bandits have even seized control of schools and made them their family residence.


While the government continues to smoke bandits out of hiding, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki described the terrifying circumstances of several schools in Baringo County due to insecurity.

Appearing in the Baringo County Hall Mini Chambers before the Senate Committee on National Cohesion, the CS said that several schools in Baringo were failed to reopen due to increasing insecurity and noted that the affected institutions had been overtaken by bandits.

In addition, he mentioned that some schools had been totally destroyed by bandits.

Even if we wanted to open some of the schools, the kids wouldn’t have someplace to go because bandits completely destroyed several of them.

“There is no infrastructure at the schools that have stayed closed. Even one of the schools was commandeered by the bandits, according to Kindiki.

Furthermore, Kindiki said that one of the schools was being used by the bandits as a hideout, pointing out that the classrooms had been converted into the bedrooms of one of the robbers’ families.

“The school’s classrooms served as their homes. Class 8 became the family’s primary residence, and class 7 served as the first wife’s bedroom.

Kindiki stated, “They also changed class six into the bedroom of the second wife, class five into the bedroom of the firstborn.

Nonetheless, the CS stated that more than 10 schools in the vicinity reopened despite the fact that learning activities were paralyzed in several of the schools.

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