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RUTO and GACHAGUA state their opinions on the topic of Gay rights


The question of whether Kenya’s president, William Ruto, and his deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, support the legalization of the LGBT community has finally been answered.

Ruto stated that Kenya has values that must be preserved while speaking at the Women Fund’s inauguration event on Thursday at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC).

“I will not stand by and watch as males who hunt after men compete with our women. Under my supervision, I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.

On the other hand, Gachagua voiced his surprise at the Supreme Court decision that found there to be discrimination against the registration of an NGO.

The second-in-command said that the state had not made a statement because they were curious as to why the Supreme Court issued the ruling.

“I was stunned and even considered saying anything. Do you realize that there are occasions when you can be stunned to the point of speechlessness? According to what we have heard, there is a group that supports same-sex unions. And what is that?

“We have no issues with the court, but we need to know what they think about women marrying other women,” said the lawyer. Gachagua said, “We don’t have that, and that goes against our principles.

Gachagua claimed that President William Ruto was a fervent believer who would not back down regarding his stance.

“The President is a Christian, and he’ll take the necessary action. They make claims that are at odds with what we think. As a result, we do not endorse that,” he said.

The Supreme Court approved the formation of an LGBT organization last week.

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