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Man who claimed to be sleeping with an 800-year-old mummified human is arrested by police (PHOTOs)


A man in Peru who claimed it was his “lover” had his 600–800 year old mummified body taken away by authorities.

Former food deliveryman Julio Cesar Bermejo, 26, claimed to have kept the mummy at his house for three decades and to have even dozed with it in bed.

She sleeps with me at home in my room. He remarked in a video that quickly became popular on social media, “I take care of her.

At the Mantaro viewpoint in Puno, Peru, Bermejo was detained. He will continue to be held while the case is being investigated, a government official told AFP on Tuesday.

Gabriela made the joke, “My mother order hasn’t arrived, what should I do next?” as Jhan, a local, said, “In which virtual store do you buy these things?”

Juan Carlos responded to another by asking, “So he can’t take his mummy out for a stroll any longer?”

Despite the fact that the remains formerly belonged to a man, according to authorities, Bermejo informed local media that the mummy was “like my spiritual sweetheart” and went by the name “Juanita” and “she”.

The former delivery man claimed that when attempts to donate the mummy to a museum fell through, his father brought it home 30 or 40 years ago. It cost his family 2,000 Peruvian sol (about $434), which he described as “a lot of money” at the time.

The pre-Hispanic artifact was described as a “mummified adult male individual” by Peru’s Ministry of Culture.

It came “probably from the eastern district of Puno,” which is in the Peruvian Andes and is located about 1,300 kilometers (more than 800 miles) southeast of Lima.

The appearance of the remains suggests that they come from a time when embalming techniques were effective.

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