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Lawmakers are putting pressure on RUTO to express his position on LGBTQ+


Members of Parliament (MPs) are now worried about President William Ruto’s deafening silence, who has not spoken a word since the Supreme Court decision allowing members of the LGBTQ+ community to join their own association, as Kenyans continue to process the decision.

Lawmakers pressed Ruto to make his position on the LGBTQ community a matter of national concern during their remarks on the National Assembly floor.

The lawmakers, led by Likoni MP Mishi Mboko, challenged Ruto’s assertion of his Christian faith by requesting that he publicly declare the LGBTQ+ community to be unlawful.

As freely as the President preaches his Christian religion, Mboko demanded that he address the issue and denounce it.

Paul Nzengu, a representative for Mwingi North, and Paul Katana, a politician for Kaloleni, echoed her concerns. Nzengu requested that Ruto take a tip from Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda.

Nzengu commented, “Let Kenya not accept any money, or donations, that are related to the legalizing of homosexuality if Museveni, who is not so open about his Faith, refused to submit to the pressure of sanctions.

Mboko contended that homosexuality posed a threat to the nation’s population, which is already in decline due to sickness, famine, and natural attrition.

She vehemently disagreed with the Supreme Court’s decision, claiming that permitting them to create an association would lead to subsequent actions that would violate both the Kenyan Constitution and the Criminal Code.

What topics will be the focus of these groups’ talks when they form? What if we legalize the establishment of their association? We are aware that they have been conducting covert awareness and recruiting operations around the nation. Mboko stood.

Nzengu harshly reprimanded the young people who, in his opinion, were most influenced by peer pressure to identify as LGBTQ.

For her side, Elgeyo Marakwet Woman Representative Jane Kiptoo argued that although the LGBTQ+ community’s actions were against the law, Kenya might profit from them.

According to Kiptoo, the nation can produce some of the toys, gadgets, and tools used by its citizens.



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