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DANSTAN OMARI, the attorney for MATIANG’I, has just disclosed the reason why the former CS “fled to exile” at night


Former Interior CS Fred Matiang’i is actually abroad, according to attorney Danstan Omari, who represents him.

This comes after yesterday’s disclosures by the Immigration Department that Matiang’i secretly left the country on the evening of February 19, only moments after being called in for questioning by the DCI regarding the alleged raid on his residence.

Following the disclosure, President William Ruto’s friends claimed that Matiang’i had fled the country in order to avoid being punished by the president for past transgressions.

But, Matiang’i’s attorney denied rumors that he ran away because of his DCI summons in an interview.

Omari claims that Matiang’i went to the UK to attend to family issues.

“His travels have nothing nefarious about them. He will return to carry out his regular duties as a private citizen after attending to an urgent family problem there, he said in a later statement.

The former CS would return to the nation in due course, thus Kenyans should stop speculating about the trip, he continued.

“Anyone familiar with his travel patterns over time will attest that he frequently uses KLM to travel to that region of the world.”

It is consequently unreasonable to criticize his movement, the man said.

Matiang’i was supposed to spend two weeks in the UK, the attorney claimed.

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