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CS KURIA’s incitement of Kikuyus to demonstrate has caused problems as the Chinese government intervenes in the China Square debate


China has taken notice of the controversy surrounding China Square, where Kikuyu traders have taken to the streets to protest the Chinese invasion of their trading area and businesses.

Wu Peng, the Director-General of the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Department of African Affairs, issued a statement encouraging tolerance and the development of an inclusive economic environment for both Kenya and China.

The ambassador pointed out that giving entrepreneurs a warm welcome to open enterprises in both nations would increase trade.

He stated that Kenya was one of their main trading partners and promised to keep promoting trade ties between the two nations.

Peng was responding to the debate around China Square, which is owned by Chinese national Lei Cheng.

“Investment environments must be free from arbitrary decision-making and discrimination if there is to be a healthy growth in bilateral practical collaboration.

Part of the statement said, “I hope that through our joint efforts, China-Kenya cooperation can better serve both people.

But, he also emphasized that a lot of chain stores were run by non-residents and that China was open to global investors.

The special envoy continued by saying that several Chinese-run businesses that had opened offices in Kenya have also helped Kenya.

Kenyatta University owns Unicity Mall, where China Square is located.

Moses Kuria, the secretary of the Trade Ministry, stated that he had proposed to KU to purchase out the lease of China Square and lease it to regional merchants instead.



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