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MOSES KURIA’s desire to shut down China Square is opposed by WILLIAM KABOGO


William Kabogo, a former governor of Kiambu County, has joined millions of Kenyans in criticizing Moses Kuria, the cabinet secretary for trade and investment, over his decision to close China Square supermarket, which he described as bringing unfair competition to the nation.

The supermarket, whose owner is Mr. Lieng Cheng, is charged with selling products for dirt cheap.

In his defense, Kabogo said that because Kenya has a capitalist system of government, it is improper for the CS to shut down a company for giving customers items at a discount.

The former governor claimed he went to the supermarket and paid Sh 400 for a cabro brush that cost Sh 950 in Gikomba.

Kenya has a capitalist economy; therefore, we cannot close China Square under the pretext of defending local shopkeepers. Kenyans pay high rates for their goods; therefore, who do we protect more? I paid Ksh. 400 at CS for a cabro brush that costs Ksh. 950 in Gikomba. Who is deceiving whom?,” questioned Kabogo.

Nonetheless, the grocery store remained closed as of Sunday because Kuria had threatened to compel Mr. Lei Cheng’s deportation.

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