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Kalenjin Gospel sensation EMMY KOSGEI is dissatisfied with RUTO and the Pastors’ actions


Emmy Kosgey, an award-winning Kalenjin Gospel Musician, has called out Kenyan religious leaders who frequent the State House.

Emmy blamed pastors in response to claims by Pastor Anthony Kahura Mwangi, also known as Pastor T Mwangi, that the judiciary had been hijacked following the landmark ruling in favor of the LGBTQ community.

According to her, the clergy had the opportunity to influence such policies, but despite having the President’s ear, they failed.

“Men of the cloth and Christians should reconsider their trips to the statehouse and prayers in order to take advantage of this window of opportunity to influence policies… “The door is open, but what we do with it is important,” Emmy wrote.

She urged the clergy not to get too excited when they met Ruto, adding that it’s not just merrymaking and forgetting their calling.

She quoted a portion of Matthew 13:25-30, which loosely translates as “when the righteous slept, evil could take refuge,” in reference to the ruling that allowed the LGBTQ community to form their organization.

“Tuwache selfies and excitement, God’s kingdom is more than food. Our Daniels must rise! When men slept, where were the Mordecais? “Nirushiwe mawe nikiwa hii corner,” she continued.



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