CS MOSES KURIA reprimands WILLIAM KABOGO for resisting his intention to close China Square


Moses Kuria, the cabinet secretary for trade and investment, responded impolitely to William Kabogo, the former governor of Kiambu County, who disagreed with his proposal to close China Square.

Moses Kuria issued a closure order for the supermarket on Sunday due to what he perceived as unfair commercial competition.

Kabogo disagreed, arguing that since Kenya is a capitalist country, anyone should be able to open a store and sell their goods for any profit.

Kabogo added that whereas at China Square he paid Sh 400 for a cabro brush, the identical brush was selling for Sh 950 in Gikomba.

Kuria quickly responded, however, claiming that Kabogo is one of the affluent Kenyans who are driving choppers and flashy cars to the supermarket without giving a second thought to the plight of small-scale business owners in Gikomba, Eastleigh, and Kamukunji who will be unable to pay for a meal and their children’s schooling if China Square is allowed to operate.

At least you had a car (or a helicopter) to get to China Square, the haven for affluent shopping who don’t give a damn about the Gikomba traders’ kids who don’t have to pay for school, Kuria tweeted.

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