A criminal who kidnapped a woman, drugged her, took her possessions, and dumped her at Southern Bypass was protected by Karen OCS


Following his wife’s drugging and kidnapping, Karen OCS Henry Tonui allegedly protected the criminal who dumped his wife at Southern Bypass. This information was revealed by a Twitter user.

When corrupt officers at the Karen police station where the victim’s husband reported the event demanded a bribe, he used his own resources to conduct an inquiry.

He was able to obtain information on the vehicle used to abduct his wife as well as CCTV footage from the Sarit Center, where she was taken.

He obtained the kidnapper’s phone number as well and provided Karen police with all the pertinent information.

The suspect was however met in private by the OCS.

He may have accepted a bribe from the suspect in order to pull off a cover-up.

Due to her assertion that she has previously resolved the situation with the OCS, the suspect has declined to appear for police interviews.

In an effort to garner attention for his situation, he posted on Twitter.

Here are his tweets.

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