Those who backed the “BBI Scam” should be arrested, according to KABANDO WA KABANDO


Former Mukurweini Member of Parliament, Kabando Wa Kabando, has demanded the detention of individuals who backed the controversial Building Bridges Initiative, alleging that the former administration utilized it as a means of stealing tax payer money.

In a tweet on Saturday, Kabando argued that those leaders who backed BBI, an initiative of the opposition leader Raila Odinga and former president Uhuru Kenyatta, should be detained and compelled to pay back the money they stole.

He specifically demanded the arrest of leaders who had snuck into the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) after stealing taxpayer money through what he called BBI fraud, including former Muranga Woman Representative Sabina Chege and East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP Kanini Kega.

“Raila’s reputation is tarnished by this. The worsening #BBI scam caused by Uhuru’s support lost Raila the presidency. Ruto beat Raila thanks to the repercussions from Uhuruto and his courageous stance against #BBI fraud. Looters using BBI fraud should be prosecuted; public funds should be returned, tweeted Kabando on his Twitter page.

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