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Photos of WENDY, a Nakuru woman who was allegedly killed by her violent husband


The family of 25-year-old Wendy Audrey Kajo, who was allegedly murdered by her husband, Steve Opar, at their Nakuru home, is fighting for justice.

On February 20, 2023, Wendy’s lifeless body was discovered inside the residence.

When questioned, her spouse stated that he was not home when she passed away.

He also claimed that she had overdosed on morphine before killing herself.

A post-mortem was performed, but no morphine medication remnants were discovered in her body.

The pathologist determined that she was murdered after ruling out suicide.

She must have been physically abused before she passed away since her brain was bloated.

Because he has been physically abusing her for the past four years, her husband is the main suspect in the murder.

The deceased’s family demands that her spouse be prosecuted.

This is a blog entry about the unfortunate event from the human rights organization Usikimye.

See images of the deceased woman, whose life was purportedly taken by her controlling husband.



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