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When the preacher claimed she wasn’t “God’s chosen for him,” the man broke up with his girlfriend of nine years.


When his pastor declared she was not the person God chose for him, a man who had been dating his fiancée for nine years and had taken out a loan to pay for his trip broke up with her.

The distraught woman is a friend of Nana Afriyie, a Ghanaian who relayed the story in a Facebook post.

The pastor reportedly recommended the man to select a different woman from his church, according to Mr. Afriyie.

Some ministers aren’t Christians, and they won’t go to heaven. My nurse friend, who is a lady, dated this man for nine years straight. He described how the man “seems to have knacked the crap out of her and keeps hounding her for money.”

“Fortunately for the guy, he was given the chance to practice nursing abroad. But first, he would need some cash to pay for his travel connection. In order to help the man travel, the same lady had to rob a bank.

“After everything was in place, they made the decision to at least hold a formal wedding ceremony before the guy departs. This man spoke with his pastor about it.

And the pastor advised him to forget about the nurse he is dating right now and choose another woman from the church since she is not the one God has selected for him.

“And after everything they shared for nine years, this guy abandoned the lady. She is now in a serious mess.



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