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UDA Senator TABITHA KARANJA has just revealed how the RAILA movement will give RUTO a second term in 2027

Senator Tabitha Karanja of Nakuru County unintentionally disclosed how President William Ruto can escape punishment even if he breaks his commitments in 2027.

In an interview, Tabitha stated that in 2027, Ruto will use Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio, as an excuse for not fulfilling his duties.

In 2027, Karanja predicts that Ruto will blame Azimio’s widespread acts if he is unable to fulfill his campaign commitments.

“What we have to do is buy this government some time so we can deliver. Because I am an employer, I am aware that if you give someone the chance to make excuses, two years from now, President Ruto will claim that we disturbed him and that you called people together instead of letting them work.

Why don’t you give him some time so that you may question him in five years?

But now he’ll have justifications to offer us.

She urged Raila and his Azimio to give Ruto enough time to fulfill his campaign pledges before approaching him five years later. That way, he won’t have an excuse.


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